How Many Flags Does It Take To Remove A Craigslist Ad?

I am trying to rehome my puppy on craigslist, and people are posting all these rude arguing posts, as if craigslist is a forum. It is bumping all the actual ads, including mine, down where no one can see them.
How many times to posts have to be flagged to be eliminated. I will make some fake accounts and get rid of all those trash posts if it isn’t too many.


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2 Responses to “How Many Flags Does It Take To Remove A Craigslist Ad?”

  1. jim bob Says:

    I’m not sure how many people need to flag an ad to have it removed. I do know that setting up multiple accounts won’t help because flads are only counted once per IP address. It won’t do you any good to repeatedly flad an ad. Unless, of course, you have multiple IP addresses.
    Are you posting your ad in pets? If not, this may be why people are giving you trouble. Anyone who is seriously seeking a pet will look here first anyway. If you are posting in pets and people are still giving you trouble then you may be unknowingly breaking the rules.
    Common mistakes:
    1) Charging way more than a resonable rehoming fee.
    2) Posting in the wrong category.
    3) Not responding to replies to your current ad.
    I hope this helps.

  2. JIM Says:

    Not so many people now consider craiglist a legitimate site to buy goods from because there have been so instances of people being scammed. It does rather seem craigslist seem to have their fingers in too many pies

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